San Francisco

So in Maine it was all about the lighthouses. In Oregon it was all about driftwood on the beach, but in San Francisco it is all about the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog. So check, check and check mate!


Trip is coming to an end

Newport, OR

2018-06-17 Sunday

Our car camping trip is coming to an end. We are spending the last few nights in a Budget hotel in Newport Oregon. While we are not on the coast we are just a few blocks from it.

Last night we had a fabulous diner in a restaurant overlooking the beach and the setting sun. Afterwards, we got ice cream cones and took a short walk on the still very cold beach. The walk was short lived.

Sea lions are still a big hit with us.

Before we got to Newport we visited the Devils Churn for some world class wave action. This family got a little too close and would be soaked in a few minutes.

Let’s not forget that pot is legal in Oregon so, as you would expect, there are many outlets. I kinda look like a narc, don’t I?

This is Some Coast!

Newport, Oregon

2018-06-16 Saturday

This has been quite some trip. I would have to say that the Oregon coast has so much to see that Kim an I are constantly saying to each other that this must be the most fabulous view/place on the trip, but of course it never is. It just keeps getting better and better.

I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised that there are seals everywhere–but I am.

The cold 40 mile per hour north winds made for some interesting blowing sand on the Oregon Sand Dunes National Park.

I bet that you knew that in all that desolation I would find some beach driftwood to photograph.

How about a foggy, rainy morning barn? Nice, eh?

And finally a great, great walk through a park with 11 waterfalls!!!

This place is truly a paradise on earth. Now if it would just warm up a bit it would be perfect.

Ok, I can’t help myself. One more photo of an old stair way into an abandoned lighthouse.

Driftwood Art

Bullards Beach State Park


I thought that I would share some of the driftwood photographs that I have been working on. I wish I had my computer to get them just perfect, but for now my iPhone will have to suffice. Driftwood art can take many forms. Here are a few examples.

Here is an example using it as a driftwood frame. That’s Jack, one of my photo buddies who stopped by on his way to Alaska.

And that’s my lovely wife Kim trying to act like a piece of driftwood. Pretty convincing, huh?

This is one of my favorite pieces of driftwood. It looks great in black and white.

OK, how about just one more.

And I promise, this IS the last one…. at least for today!!!